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Zimbra Desktop 0.90

Zimbra Desktop 0.9 is an email manager for all your email accounts.
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Zimbra Desktop 0.9 is an email manager that lets you manage all your email accounts.
Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop allows you to access your email while your computer is disconnected from the internet.

The first thing you have to do is to enter settings for an existing mail account. You must be online to do that.

You can set up an account on Zimbra, Yahoo!, GMail or AOL. You can also set up a POP/IMAP account.

After that, Zimbra will show you a window with different tabs. Within the Mail tab you will have access to the account folders, searches and tags. On the right of your screen you will have a list of your received messages, along with buttons that will let you refresh the list of messages, compose a new one (or a response), print, delete or move your existing emails.

Another tab will give you access to your Address Book, letting you organize it the way you want. The Calendar tab will let you organize your agenda, the Tasks bar lets you plan your time.

Zimbra will also allow you to search for a given word in your received emails.

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  • Is a good service, an it´s free


  • Sometimes it takes a huge amount of time to update the accounts
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