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An advanced email client that includes collaboration features
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Zimbra Desktop is an advanced email client that includes collaboration features. The program´s interface is quite similar to those of other clients, such as Outlook and Thunderbird. In fact, it also looks extremely alike Zimbra Webmail’s interface. So, if you are already familiar with one of these, it is unlikely that you find any kind of difficulty to use Zimbra Desktop.

The tool allows easy configuration of various email services, like Zimbra (of course!), Gmail, Hotmail and Exchange, which just requires providing the email address and the server name. Moreover, it supports practically any other POP or IMAP server; yet, this might require entering a few additional data.

One of the advantages of Zimbra Desktop is that you can choose to combine various accounts in a single inbox. Likewise, it allows displaying messages separately or as conversation threads. It is excellent that you can organize your messages in many ways, such as creating folders or using tags. This is complemented with advanced search features.

Like most modern email clients, Zimbra Desktop comes with several collaboration features. There is, for example, the possibility of creating various calendars. Likewise, you can set the appointments and tasks you create to be stored locally or on the network. Unfortunately, I could not find a way by which several people can share the same task. However, it is good that the tool supports sharing files via the briefcase.

All in all, Zimbra Desktops is probably one of the best email clients available out there. It has most of what is necessary to communicate and work in teams. What is more, its functionalities can be expanded with Zimlets (plugins), which can be downloaded from the developer’s site or created by the users themselves. One of its few downsides is that it is difficult to import email data from other clients. Fortunately, the product is open-source and, therefore, it costs nothing to use.

Pedro Castro
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  • Combines messages from various email accounts
  • Various collaboration features
  • Allows organizing messages in various ways
  • Supports storing messages for offline use
  • Powerful search functions
  • Supports expanding functionalities with Zimlets


  • May be difficult to import data from other clients
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